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Safety/Security Window Film

Windows are your home’s most vulnerable area, once broken during a hurricane, high winds or violent storm you can experience severe property damage. Since safety window film helps hold broken glass in place upon storm debris impact, even enduring the heavy wind and rain that can last for hours, the product has become a consumer’s choice for hurricane window protection. Once your building’s envelope is unsecured, anyone or anything inside a home or business can fall victim to harsh weather and damage resulting from exposure.


Safety/Security film protects people and furnishings from the dangerous airborne shards that cause a majority of injury and damage during and after the storm.


Safety/Security film is an optically clear, polyester glass coating, not obtrusive like plywood and other window coverings that block your view. You don’t have to be home to tape or board your windows in preparation for rough or other acts of nature. Safety/Security film offers passive, 24/7 window safety and protection as it is professionally installed without drilling or special storage requirements.


*** Safety film is 4mm thick and Security film is 8mm thick***

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