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It was a pleasure working with you and Nancy.  Thanks for taking time to make recommendations I needed and explaining what tint would work best where.  The e-mail communication was also very convenient.    Thanks for making my home more comfortable for my daughter and I.


                   S. Kempker



Carl and Nancy,


Wow!  I am amazed how much cooler my house has been this summer since I had you install the window tint on my home!!  I had been worrying about my new hardwood floors fading.  I’m relieved to know that I have the protection needed to help slow this process down.   Thanks for your professionalism and knowledge of your product and thanks for making the whole process so easy.  Take care.


              B. Fischer



Tint By Toalson,


I never realized that I needed protection in the winter months to keep my furniture from fading.  Thanks for educating me on this process.  By the way, I love the film!  I’ve noticed that even though I don’t feel the winter sun coming through the windows, the heat seems to stay in my rooms longer.  I’m so glad I had this done!


                   J. March



Mr. Toalson:


I wanted to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the window film you recently installed in my home.   You made the process so easy and were in and out in no time at all.  Unlike prior experiences I have had with people working in my home, you left no mess – if I hadn’t seen you, I wouldn’t have even known you had been there!  Thanks again.


          S. Holliday



Carl.  When we first spoke about the film, I was interested in reducing the heat in my home.  During the course of our conversation, you mentioned the security aspect of the film as well.  My husband travels and I am alone at times.  Besides being cooler this summer, I have also felt safer in my home.  I know that someone cannot just break the glass to enter my home.  They would have to do some serious banging to get in.  Thanks for sharing this info!


                   S. Gembala

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