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Window Film Products

At Tint By Toalson, we use high quality products that perform at the highest level in the industry.  We ensure that our customer is always taken care of and experiencing premier customer service and products.  



With our HanitaTek, Solar Gard, Armorcoat, and Solyx windows films, we are able to assist you with the following:


  • Keep Every Room Comfortable.  Window film can help control the temperature throughout your home, reducing heat buildup on even the sunniest days.  It can also eliminate hot and cold spots around windows and doors.


  • Control Energy Costs.  Windows allow the sun’s energy to enter your home, increasing energy usage for air conditioning.    Window film blocks the heat before it enters your home, saving you money.


  • Reduce Glare.  Our window film can help reduce glare on television screens and computer monitors.


  • Protect Yourself.  Window film enhances security, adding privacy to your home.  It will shield you from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and help hold shattered glass in place should it get broken.


  • Protect Your Furnishings.  Window film will cut 99% of the UV rays and help reduce fading to your flooring, furniture, art, and window treatments.


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